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Addiction sufferers find little joy in Christmas

Increased temptations make the festive season dangerous and difficult for many addicted to alcohol or drugs. The Guardian visited patients at a treatment centre where help is at hand "Christmas is very difficult for me, it's always been the mo… Continue reading

The Long Road Back to Normal; Jeremy Donovan Helps Readers to Face the New Year in His New Book, “The Hard Way,” Which Tells His Story of Personal Transformation

For anyone who is stuck in the destruction of drugs, alcohol, and depression, “getting back to normal” can be the toughest thing to do. Jeremy Donovan knows all too well how difficult getting back to normal can be, having hit rock bottom with drug… Continue reading

Book of Dreams: Holiday party brightens lives of Clean & Sober residents, alumni

For years, the Clean & Sober holiday party was a chance to celebrate and encourage sobriety and help heal the wounds of drug and alcohol addiction. Continue reading

Money Addiction continues to Grow

“Money is America’s most powerful drug. Here’s how it weakens us and how we can free ourselves.” So reads the dust jacket of my signed copy of “Wealth Addiction.” The 1983 book is sociologist Philip Slater’s take on our growing, crippling… Continue reading

OUR VIEW | Helping families is worth the cost

In terms of complex issues, drug addiction and its effect on a community, particularly over a number of years or a generation, is among the more persistent. Mason County has been no stranger, dealing with the scourge of meth use that spiked in the past… Continue reading

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